Greenville, NC 27834

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Family Volunteers

Family Volunteers Support Our Mission and/or Become Family On Our YOU-Turn Path

Our Non Profit Organization, AnOmniTech Youth Empowerment Coalition, Inc., offers Social Economic Freedom, Social Rehabilitation and Community Development with Sustainable Youth Empowered Solutions, for Our Global Future of A Divinely Inspired Quality of Life for all life on Earth, that puts the state of health and spirit of our children first as the barometer of our existence above all else for Our Youth to mature happily engaged in becoming Humanity's Future as The Real Truth of Life!

We empower ourselves to agree as a people on the real time big picture of Global Life On Earth to observe how the Future of Our Youth is already heavily mortgaged and quite possibly destroyed as the Real Threat to all life on Earth. Our Intellectual and Spiritual Minds are required to visualize and collectively act upon restoring the future of Our Youth through trust and coalition with AnOmniTech Social and Spiritual Engineers, Entrepreneurs and other Specialists who administer solutions and programs to empower and foster Social Economic Freedom, Social Rehabilitation and Grass Root Community Development through the empowerment of our youth to operate Our For Profit Businesses that create "Community Profit" for Community Organization and Development!

Millennials, youth born since 1980, are invited to become Apprentice CEO's of our NPO owned For Profit Businesses that are not limited to for example: Our Tech Support, Complete Home and Office Technology Solutions & Services; Our Health Restored, Health Bar and Cafe, and Our Health Restored Wellness Club with Triage Wellness Center; Our Property Maintenance & Management Services; Our Lawn Care Services; Our Health and Life Insurance; Our Products & Services in general; plus more!

Baby Boomers and all others born before 1980 are invited to become our volunteer mentors and workers who will be trained and/or rehabilitated to qualify to be hired and/or operate franchises of our NPO and businesses or even partner your businesses with ours!

"Our Community PROFIT" will finance and foster Community Self Empowerment and Development of organized entities that support youth empowerment, community self empowerment and qualify by AnOmniTech's MLK Standards for profit disbursements to Manifest Destiny of The M.L.K. Dream !