Greenville, NC 27834

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AnOmniTech Youth Empowerment Coalition, Inc.

AnOmniTech Is "Community Self Empowerment"

     We empower ourselves to agree as a people on the real time big picture of Global Life On Earth to observe how the Future of Our Youth is already heavily mortgaged and quite possibly destroyed which is the elephant in the room and Our Real Threat to all life on Earth. Our Intellectual and Spiritual Minds are required to visualize and collectively act upon restoring the future of Our Youth through trust and coalition lead by AnOmniTech Social and Spiritual Engineers, Entrepreneurs and other Specialists who administer solutions and programs to empower and foster Social Economic Freedom, Social Rehabilitation and Grass Root Community Development through the empowerment of our youth to operate Our For Profit Businesses that create "Community Profit" for Community Organization and Sustainable Development! Imagine that Our Youth are  guided  and empowered by their elders with solutions to "Our Sustainable Future"!

"Spirituality Is Our Bedrock Foundation"

     Our organizational foundation is "Spirituality" in its purest sense of devotion to The Universal and Eternal Existence that literally everything seen and unseen shares as the LIFE we  have known as Children of  "The Eternal " Big Bang", if  not The Eternal!